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The Adviser – Business Recovery Special


The Adviser – Business Recovery Special

The latest issue of Hart Shaw’s Adviser newsletter is now available to download from our website.

This special edition focuses on Business Recovery.

In this edition we cover some of the key issues surrounding under performing businesses and the steps they can take to ensure business survival and long term growth.

Typically a negative subject, we intend to shed some light onto the options available and provide reassurances that employing an Insolvency Practitioner does not always spell the end for a business.

We focus on a key case study of Timberline Ltd, in which Hart Shaw helped to save a struggling business, saving numerous jobs in the process, highlighting how different departments at Hart Shaw work together to achieve a positive outcome for the client.

Strategic steps to help protect your business in the current economic climate were presented in a recent seminar, which is reviewed in this issue.

We hope you find our Business Recovery edition of interest and we welcome your feedback.

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